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Tips For Hot Weather Applications

In applying repair mortars, hot weather is usually regarded as any combination of weather factors, such as high air temperature, lower relative humidity and wind, that can affect the repair mortar. Repair mortars applied during these conditions can fail to perform as expected and develop undesirable properties. Protective measures will need to be taken on a windy day even when the air temperature is not very high.

Following the below recommendations will help offset the effects of hot weather conditions and will result in the repair material having the desired characteristics.

  1. Work in the shade, if possible. Apply early in the morning and late in the evenings to avoid direct sun. Protect the job from wind, if necessary.

  2. Keep the repair material at a 70-75 F temperature. Keep the repair material in the shade, out of the sun before mixing.

  3. Use cold water to cool off surfaces where material is to be applied to get those surfaces as close as possible to the temperature of the repair mortar.

  4. Chill the mixing liquid, if needed. Use ice water, if necessary and appropriate.

  5. Mix the repair mortar as close to the repair area as possible and place repair material immediately. Keep the time of mixing, placing and finishing to a minimum. Do not over finish the material.

  6. Protect the material from rapid surface drying and beginning curing after finishing.

  7. Refer to Hot Weather Concreting in ACI Manual of Concrete Practice for more detailed information.

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