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Tips For Cold Weather Applications

In applying repair mortars, cold weather is usually regarded as a period where the average daily temperature is less than 50 F. During cold weather setting time, strength gain, abrasive characteristics, mixing and working time can and will be affected. In all cases, be sure not to store Lyons Manufacturing, Inc. products where they can be subjected to freezing conditions.

Given below are steps which you can take to minimize the effects of cold weather on the application of repair materials:

  1. Work in heated enclosure. Raise the temperature of the surface to be repaired to the temperature of the repair mortar. Radiant type heaters are recommended.

  2. Keep the repair mortar at a temperature of 70-75 F.

  3. Warm the mixing liquid to raise the temperature of the resulting repair material. Use of warm liquids can also be used to accelerate set times in cold weather.

  4. Mix the repair material as close as possible to the repair area and place the repair material immediately.

  5. Delay floating and finishing until the repair material is firm. Finish the material and close the surface only when the repair material has stiffened sufficiently.

  6. Protect the repair material from rapid surface drying by beginning curing immediately after finishing.

  7. Maintain heat in the repair area as long as you can, at least 24 hours. Do not direct the heat source at the fresh repair because that will cause rapid surface drying.

  8. For more detailed information refer to Cold Weather Concreting in the ACI Manual for Concrete Practice.

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